Mosaico 1.4

Mosaico is a tiling window manager that can help you save time and optimize your work at computer. Mosaico saves the position of the windows on your desktop so that you can restore them anytime later. With Mosaico you can arrange windows so that they fill the whole screen surface, giving you more information at a time.
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Dear Giveaway: your website should include screenshots of the software

Jim, 19.01.2013, 11:10
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29 votes Vote

Include a video tutorial on the help section of the software website.

Skyfoxy, 19.01.2013, 11:42
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18 votes Vote

Minimize Mozaico to tray after selecting snapshot

JohnFredC, 19.01.2013, 13:02
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Dear Giveaway: I like that your web page is not cluttered with screenshots and provides a homepage link that I can use to quickly get more information and screenshots if I want them.

Robert, 19.01.2013, 19:33
10 votes Vote

allow assigning a fixed size to certain programs OR windows. I have systems with 8 and 12 monitors and this works nicely except for those 3 or 4 windows that I need much larger. To be really helpful this system would do what it does (divide evenly)

Morgan, 19.01.2013, 13:00